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Comedian Dolibondo joins ‘Who is Who’ challenge



Those without data issues must have come across the ongoing “Who is Who’’ challenge among rappers on social media.

The challenge, which has no particular genesis, seems to have come after Fefe Bussi’s new song, Who is Who, whose beat is a photocopy of Nas’ Hate Me Now, in which Fefe Bussi disses Fik Fameica, Da Agent and Gravity Omutujju. This prompted the rappers to act with hitbacks.

And as we waited for Saint Nelly Sade, Babaluku, and others to drop their hitbacks, in came Dolibondo. Now we all know that all Dolibondo is good at is comedy but he wanted to prove us wrong and as expected his studio time was wasted, because the lines the guy came out with cannot even be repeated here. Dude, stick to comedy and babysitting.

Watch the video here:


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