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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos


Top 10 Ugandan women we love to hate but just can’t


L-R: Stella Nyanzi, Sheila Don Zella and Spice Diana

The time has come to celebrate women all over the world and as usual everyone is pulling out the best picture of their mother and sharing on social media with the hash tag #HappyWomensDday.  The married men, actually a few married men are posting their wives and daughters. And it’s all cute. Sqoop is watching and proud of the love you are pouring onto the ‘baes’ in your lives.

Well we also have a number baes as sqoop. These are women we love for their persistence, determination, zeal and courage to face things that many would have run away from. They are the women who give Sqoop something to look forward to.

Spice Diana

First was her blundering live on national television. The Anti Kale singer confidently said she scored 32 points at A-Level in History, Art and Luganda. As if to add salt to injury, Diana added that she was one of the best students in her school with a second grade. The kind of mockery she received was enough to chase any aspiring musician out of the music industry. But ‘star gyal’ was still on the train.


Spice Diana in an angel costume while perfrming at her Anti Kale concert.

Next thing we knew she was performing live on BBS TV. As she was still shouting about how she runs this town, her wig ran to the wrong direction, off her head, exposing her short hair.

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The video soon made rounds and she was the talk of the town again. We thought she was done this time. But no, the girl went to the saloon, styled her short hair, hired a very good makeup artist, put on her wig and made an appearance on NBS TV’s Katch Up. After her performance, she pulled off her wig and showed everyone her real head with the short hair. Soon everyone was gushing about how beautiful she is with the short hair. How did she think of that one!

But her troubles didn’t start in 2018, in 2017 she was badly beaten by policemen who thought she was trespassing at the annual Kampala City Carnival. Footage of the beating was shared as well as pictures. So how does Spice Diana overcome this embarrassment? She releases Anti Kale and even reenacts her beating in the video. What does she feed on? In the words of famous Tusker Project Fame judge Ian Mbuga, “She is like that cockroach that you keep beating but refuses to dies” and for that, we love you Spicy!

Zari Hassan. Courtesy Photo


A lot can be said about Zari Hassan’s warrior spirit, but one moment stands out, the woman practically stole Valentine’s Day! As girls were still reading mushy love messages from their baes, Zari announced that she has broken up with her bae, Diamond Platnumz. Valentine’s Day came to a standstill as the attention shifted to Zari. Soon all posts that were coming in were screen shots of Zari’s black rose and break up announcement. For this attention-grabbing moment Zari deserves an award. Yet she was not done! The boss lady was even interviewed by BBC about her break up.

Who else could make a big number of Ugandans boycott Diamond’s performance in Uganda and have the guts to go back to him without the fear of backlash?

Zari knows strategy, the power of social media and we love her.

2017 entertainment industry

Irene Ntale fell during a performance at Club Guvnor. COURTESY PHOTOS

Irene Ntale

The Sembeera hit maker surprised many when she announced her break away from her mother management team, Swangz Avenue. She was immediately written off as a musical failure since she was relaced with Winnie Nwagi and Vinka. But the stamina soldier she is, trouped on and managed herself.

She continued being a darling to music lovers until she fell on her head during a performance at Club Guvnor. Unfortunately for her, (and fortunate for social media) a fan captured the moment on video and immediately posted it. Ntale was mocked and bashed till she came out to post, “So I fell, what is wrong with that?” just like that we forgot about her big fall and she went back to her darling status.

From-left, Hamisa Mobetto, Sheilla Don Zella and Patricia Ssewungu. PHOTO BY GODFREYLUGAAJU

Sheila Don Zella

She doesn’t care how much her body (especially her legs) is abused, Don Zella (real name Sheila Nadete) will post pictures of her body, stretch marks and all, in a bikini on social media any day any time.

She doesn’t give a hoot about the mumshamers who criticize her parenting methods. She is the kind of woman that in this era of social media bullies, does not let anyone tell her how to raise her children.

It does not matter how she is abused for not knowing English, the socialite will always hold Facebook live videos and garner thousands of viewers. That is power!

Need we mention how she keeps challenging Zari? Don Zella is a certified hustler who knew that if her Girl Power party was to be a hit she had to put it on the same day with Zari’s All white party. And to make it worse, she flew in Hamisa Mobetto, the woman that wrecked Zari’s marriage to Diamond. It was not hatred for Zari, it was business. Although she, together with Mobetto, was bashed as Zari’s followers called upon everyone to boycott her party, the gig was a sellout. Don Zella understands that if you are to be successful in business, you have to aggressive. For her business acumen, we adore her!

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Zahara Toto and Anatalia Ozze

These two gossip queens have received a lot of criticism right from their dress code to how they talk in studio (they shout a lot).  Toto has also been a victim of smear campaigns from Don Zella but the girls are still going on strong. It is no wonder that their Live Wire show is the most watched on Spark TV.

Stella Nyanzi

Stella Nyanzi

In January we published a story about how Nyanzi had had a public fight with her sister. In rebuttal, Nyanzi posted that she had had a lesbian affair with one of Daily Monitor’s editors.

READ: Stella Nyanzi in bitter fight with sister

Much as her unexpected response took us by surprise, we were amused to the core. Since Nyanzi said that the editor had short finger nails, the staff at the Monitor was critically looking out for such a person. We didn’t find her but we had to give Nyanzi credit. She is the kind that refuses to die in her movie. She will fight on, albeit comically. Don’t believe us? Ask President Museveni and his better half.

Mowzey Radio’s Widows

Lillian Mbabazi with her two children that she produced with Mowzey Radio.

He might have been a Romeo to many women but the late Mowzey Radio sure knew the kind of women to add to his list. He looked out for the reserved kind who would not go making noise to media. From the time they dated with Lillian Mbabazi, the only time she discussed her relationship with Mowzey was during an intimate interview with Karitas Karisimbi. And she did it with respect, not the way slay queens expose their baby daddy issues on social media today.

We won’t forget the united front that all the three ‘widows’ put on at the requiem mass and the burial. No harsh words were said. Instead hands were shaken. We also have not heard of any fights for property…yet. Ladies, this is how you handle baby daddy drama. Do it with class.

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For their civility and good manners, we celebrate these women.




From being a mere additional face to the girl group – Obsessions, Sheeba Karungi has managed to become a household name. She was not gifted with much of a voice and for this her music was initially trashed. And yet a few years later, the dancehall artiste is churning out new songs and videos almost every week. She discovered what works for her and that is her sex appeal. The proud feminist is always advising women to go braless. Yes she is controversial, but controversy sells, and she knows that, and that is why we love her.

NTV news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe

Faridah Nakazibwe

While some people hated the fact that NTV news anchor dated Hajji Kigongo, a wealthy but married man old enough to be father, others advised her to dive into the gold mine and make off with what she could. Later when she left him, she was again bashed for giving up on the man. She might have made a few (costly) mistakes in her life but if you see her presenting, you would not know. She still comes out bold and happy looking. And her experiences did not stop her from opening her heart to love. She is one of a kind.

Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah Gashumba

Sheilah gashumba

According to social media, there is no bigger crime Sheila could have committed than be born to the fire spitting and controversial Frank Gashumba. All the girls efforts to be humorous, entertaining, even brainy are trashed or termed as tying too hard.

But the Gashumba-let is here to stay. even when every one thought her former co-host Douglas Lwanga made The Beat, a popular NTV show, it is Lwanga who was shown the exit while Gashumba is still hosting. The girl bags endorsement deal after endorsement deal. All the negative press reports serve to only stamp her relevance on the Uganda social scene. She is a determined go-getter and her wardrobe give all these slay queens fashion goals. A toast to you Sheila Gashumba!

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