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Ugandans go savage on Spice Diana over S.6 results

Spice Diana

A fake poster made by social media bullies to ridicule Spice Diana. COURTESY PHOTOS

Wherever singer Spice Diana is, she must be regretting why she went to Faridah Nakazibwe’s Mwasuze Mutya talk show on NTV prior to her concert on Friday.

The recent Makerere University graduate is the talk of the country today not because she had her first ever concert which was a success, but because she said the wrong thing during the NTV interview.

“I did History, Art and Luganda. I got… was it 30 something, 30 what? Yeah 32, I think. It was a Second Grade. Because our school wasn’t performing well,” She said.

Yes you read right, the Anti Kale hit maker said that she scored 32 points in A level. Crazy right? By the time she sat her A Levels examinations (assuming she did), the lowest mark was 0 points while the highest was 20 points but no, Spice Diana, was better than the best, she scored 32 points.

Spice Diana

It could have been a bad case of nerves that made her forget what to say. I mean let’s face it; many of us have faced a tough job interview panel that made you sweat plasma as you answered all the questions. It is after you have said something totally nonsensical that you ask yourself, ‘did I really say that?’
So we want to think that that is what happened. While Sqoop might be a bit more understanding of Spice Diana’s moment of shame the Internet is not having any of that “she was just nervous” line of defense. The Internet attacks and when it does, it is brutal. Here we present to you some of the most savage responses to Spice Diana’s uh oh moment.

Kim Nana
1. Uneb should explain to us how spice Diana managed to score 32 points in S.6 final Exams
2. Makerere University should also explain to us how they admitted a second grade Student from S.6 .. (ANYONE WITH 2ND GRADE FRM HIGH SCHOOL COME HERE)..
Patriq Kanyomozi District
Spice Diana did History, Art and Luganda. She made History by becoming the first Arts student to get 32 points in a combination that has Luganda. I think she sat exams at a time UNEB was running a promotion of *dial this number and double your points*.
Maxon Susan
Spice Diana seriously 32 which year was that I really feel bad for that university which admits failures.

Alex Muhangi: So spice Diana got 32 at A-Level and she claims to have been among-st the best? Best in what, Kiggundu maths?

LuziraBoy: SPICE DIANA can withdraw dollars from mobile money.

Comedy Store Uganda: So basically the ‘Omuyimbi” spice diana just spiced it up with 32 points. whats wrong with just Spicing up results???

shaban khamiisi: Maybe kato lubwama could be spice Diana’s OB #TweetLikeSpiceDiana
@genoeric1: Breaking news: After Spice Diana’s public announcement students in Uganda are rioting because they didn’t see all their points in Alevel

@LubangangeyoJ: #TweetLikeSpiceDiana what if spice diana actually was a school mate of oulanhya Columus ,masters in bwaise ,PhD from kawempe

@MervynKasiita: Spice Diana is living evidence of improper fractions! She got 32/20
#TweetWithASpice #SpiceDiana

If Ssebagala and Ssebana went to school at Nabisunsa Girls, why can’t Space Diana Score 32 points. Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Uganda, a place where Gold is made out of clay and thugs strike their victims with wooden iron bars. Nothing is normal in this banana republic.
Irene Akwii
#TweetLikeSpiceDiana Lol My album launch is set for 31st February! please do come courtesy of …….
Ssebunya Mohammad Ali
The only people allowed to laugh at Spice Diana are those that performed better than her. Those who got 40pts and above
Assimwe Mary Goretti: May u pass your exams like Spice Diana
Atuhaire Dianah: Yeah the maths has to be spiced up.. add candy crush points too
Nakiyi Julius Mugisu: It can’t be panic it was a fundamental issue am sure it’s manufactured results at Alevel
Spice Diana

Spice Diana poses for a picture with Faridah Nakazibwe after the interview.

Gilbert Kadilo: she is usually in charge on stage and does not do those post performance interviews. Those intellectual things of sitting to be interviewed, ah ah.

Kagangisa Moses: Her academic background should be investigated by the same institution that conferred her the degree.
Fred Mugawe: that is the problem with those people who offer Luganda combinations mbu HAL.
However, the presidential media adviser Don Wanyama came to her defense saying “I think this lady of 32 Aggregates at A-level after doing Luganda and Fine Art was just panicky. Was it her first time on TV?”
He was backed by radio personality, Prim Mima Asiimwe who said that Spice Diana was maybe fatigued that particular day and wasn’t thinking straight. “I really don’t know what came over her… I’ve interviewed her countless times, she’s a very bright girl. Maybe she woke up too early that day,”
Meanwhile other theories have come up purporting that Spice Diana did not do A Level which is why she did not know about its grading system.
Naki Sha wrote, “Spice Diana did not do A-level she just did s4 then a bridging diploma at muk,”
Mike Omalla: No ways, she never stepped in an A level class.

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