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Fille postpones concert to mourn Mowzey Radio



Mowzey Radio’s death has shaken the music industry to the extent that almost all pre-planned shows have been cancelled or postponed. First was Spice Diana, who in a heart breaking post, informed her fans that she would not be able to go on with her show because she was in mourning.

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Now the latest reaching our desk is that Fille has also called off her Alter Ego concert that was scheduled to happen tomorrow.


The deceased Mowzey Radio

The singer made the announcement on social media.

“I have decided to postpone my concert that was scheduled to take place tomorrow and I’ll communicate a later date for the show,” she wrote.

She also talked about the pain she is feeling with the loss of Mowzey Radio.

“I have been waiting for the right words to use. My heart is bleeding. My mind is in a bad state right now. So many questions running on my head right now. May your soul rest in peace. REST IN PEACE RADIO,” she wrote.

Earlier in the day, she had written, “Oh GOD Am speechless….RIP soldier…Angels receive you…You were a force in this INDUSTRY…This is unbelievable.”

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