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Bebe Cool announces his concert date

We have been waiting for Bebe Cool’s big announcement since last week when he posted that he would be unleashing the information today at 2pm. Good enough, he has done so and to summarize it all, he’s basically announcing his concert as well as the reasons behind that concert.

Bebe Cool began his long post with an encounter he had on the 15th of this month with a youthful mother with a sick child who camped at his gate for hours waiting to speak only to him.

She wanted help from him for an air ticket and upkeep to have her daughter flown to India for a heart operation.

“In brief, she wanted an air ticket and upkeep to fly her daughter to India for a heart operation. With a confused mind, I asked her whether she had the money to cater for the operation in India, She replied that she had an organization-Action For Disadvantaged People (ACDIPE) that had offered to help. She gave me the number to the contact person and on calling, I found out that there were six more such cases,” part of his post reads.

His quick reaction has brought on board Norvik Hospital, Radio Simba and Bryan White to help not one but other six sick children to get treatment abroad.

And it’s exactly that lady and those people with golden hearts that have inspired him to name his upcoming concert ‘The Golden Hearts’.

“With this major achievement, I thought it’s appropriate to officially announce that my annual concert this year will be themed “The Golden Hearts”. Ladies and gentlemen, am proud to announce that on 3rd of August 2018 at Serena Hotel, I will be holding my annual concert dubbed; BEATS OF THE SEASON

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