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Is Spice Diana’s drama a fulfillment of Mowzey Radio’s prophecy?

Spice Diana

Spice Diana with the deceased Mowzey Radio.

When Mowzey Radio died, both international and local stars poured out emotional tributes to the deceased star with many sharing their last conversations with him. One of these was the newly enthroned queen of embarrassment kingdom, Spice Diana.

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The singer revealed that shortly before his death, Radio had made a prophecy about her that would lead to her growth in the music industry.

“I recall the words you said to me ‘This year is your year Spice,’ you said to me,” Diana wrote on social media.

A scene from Chuma, a video by Spice Diana and the Goodlyfe crew.

Spice Diana automatically took it that she would be rolling out chart toppers and billboard numbers ones in 2018 now that she had gotten the legend’s blessing. However, basing on her recent embarrassments, we are forced to think that Radio might have omitted the words ‘…of embarrassments’ from the statement ‘This is your year of embarrassments’.

But it’s not so bad! Since her ‘32-points’ blunder and her wig falling off during a live television performance, Spice Diana has been the talk of Uganda with all social media posts mentioning her receiving massive feedback and shares.

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Her song Kyuma that she did with Weasel and the late Radio is also doing remarkably well since its release two weeks ago.

If the trend is anything to go by then we should be expecting more drama from the Anti Kale singer. Keep it Spice. We are enjoying!

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