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What Radio’s death means to Weasel


At 6am this morning, one of Uganda’s best vocalists Mowzey Radio passed on at Case clinic after spending 10 days in coma.

Radio, real names Moses Ssekibogo, was part of a music duo called Goodlyf. For more than ten years, the two produced music that touched and moved millions of Ugandans.

Before his death, people had already speculated that that was the end of Weasel’s career.


Radio (L) and Weasel (R) in the good old days.

We however beg to disagree because for starters, Weasel’s breakthrough song Bomboclat, produced alongside his brother Jose Chameleon, was a hit.

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The rough-voiced singer has also had some solo projects that worked well. We are talking about songs like Wiggle Wiggle, Olina work alongside Grenade, Wine with Anita Da Diva and his latest I’m dying.

Radio’s death is without a doubt going to affect Weasel and we can only imagine what is going through his mind right now but he will definitely soldier on and will thrive. Be strong brother!

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