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‘Leave my body, pay attention to my music’ – Desire

Photo by Abubaker Lubowa

Ever since Desire Luzinda’s nudes leaked on social media in 2015, the world has somehow stopped paying attention to her music and more to her body. Well, you cannot blame the people, especially after she followed it up with the Ekitone song. Now with her music stagnant, the singer has confided to close sources, saying she is tired of fans focusing on her body and ignoring her talent. The sources say Desire is working on a way to come out and literally beg fans and everyone who cares to move on because two years is enough to appreciate her endowment. Since the Ekitone song, she has followed up with songs such as Want a Man, Kale and the latest, Damn featuring Chozen Blood. Sorry Desire, but I guess you might have to just start wearing gomesis for this one.

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