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Our favorite memes from last week


The clearly photo-shopped picture of MP Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine contrasted against MP Allan Ssewanyana made its rounds but annoyed Bobi Wine die-hards who believe that Bobi Wine is a more influential Member of Parliament than Ssewanyana.

This and more memes kept flowing in the entire weekend which we have to admit lifted our moods. Who can say to a good hearty laugh?


A jab at Ddembe FM’s Kasuku was also spotted. Sorry Kasuku!

Of course Pastor Jessica Kayanja’s back in that anniversary gown could not be forgotten. Sadly this is a picture that she will have to live with all her life because, as you know, the internet never forgets.


They do not call Prophet Elvis Mbonye the slay prophet for nothing. Look how he made Pastor Kakande look!

Facebook Photoshop king Sesabat had to make sure the entire world knew that he had graduated from Makerere University.


A Pass and Navio were thown into the mix. Looks like A Pass’ arrogant social media persona has won him some haters.

Desire Luzinda had to take some bitter pills for this one….but hey… at least she was a more expensive looking prostitute.


Sorry Bebe Cool but Uganda is not about to forget about this picture. Once again Bobi Wine and Barbie steal the show.

From Girl Power party/White party rivalry, Don Zella and Zari Hassan even take their competition to featuring in memes.

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