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Navio performs at own introduction ceremony

Usually, on Buganda ceremonies like weddings or introductions, the bride and groom have to be so humble so as not to display their ill manners to the in-laws.

But at Navio’s introduction ceremony on Saturday, things were done differently. The musician after being handed the bride, grabbed the microphone and instructed the deejay to play his hit song ‘Njogereza’.

He then started performing while some of the guests just decided to rain money on them. He got back to his senses after the song had ended and that is when he handed back the microphone to the DJ.

Besides that, Navio also pulled rare strokes, dancing to David Lutalo’s ‘Kwasa’ as well as saluting his guests who were seated behind him.

Navio and Mathilda’s ceremony was a low key ceremony that was attended by only a handful of handpicked relatives and close celeb friends.

The couple already has a son called Kingdom and they have been dating for   over two years.

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