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Why Sheilah Gashumba turned into a nuisance at ASFAs


With all the years she has spent in the public eye, we never expected Sheilah Gashumba to be so hungry for the camera the way she was last Friday during the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards.

Before we even go on about how she fixed herself on a table next to the stage, did she really have to change outfits? What was this, her wedding?

#ThisIsNoHaiteration. Seriously, the TV presenter was too hyper for the night as she kept standing up and shouting every time a winner was announced.

The annoying part was when Jack Pemba was announced to present an award with someone else and before we knew it, the Gashumbalet was with them on stage, giving their speech and handing over their award. SMH!

We cannot tell if Mama Fina’s 500k tip to Fik Fameica was an ‘in your face’ move directed at Gashumba who had tipped the singer 200k.

However, in response to a story published in today’s Sqoop Magazine of Daily Monitor, Sheila has explained that she generally finds it hard to sit down at functions except at funerals.

“Ugandans will expect you to pay a table to an event and want you to sit down like you are attending a burial. Not in my life please!” Sheila shared on her twitter handle.

So now you know. Expect plenty of drama if you invite Sheila Gashumba to your event!

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