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Saida Karoli coming to Uganda

The last time she was in Uganda, Saida Karoli was taught a lesson she will never forget. It is said she was only given Shs20,000 which was not even enough for a bus back to Tanzania.
She swore never to return to Uganda but like they say, never say never. Indeed it looks like the deal she got might have enticed her to eat her words. The musician will be the main headliner at the annual Enkuuka festival this Sunday evening in Lubiri. Among her popular songs are Mapenzi Kizunguzungu, Kitobero, Kaisiki, Nishike, Orugambo and Salome which Diamond Platnumz re-did with Rick Mavoko.
The musician has not been doing great and blames her misfortunes on unprofessional managers who used and dumped her. She said she used to get very little from album sales but Diamond gave her 25 per cent of total revenue collected from her Salome song. We hope Uganda will not be cheating the woman this time round.

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