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Pablo live @ National Theatre



Pablo Live @ National Theatre
Pablo is back with his Pablo Live comedy night and the first show is happening on Tuesday at National Theatre starting at 8pm. Do not miss special guest appearances and the best skits from the legendary comedian. Entry fee is 20k.

Ekwekwetezi @ Bat valley Theatre
Aromatic entertainment in conjunction with Stream Live Entertainment present a play titled Ékwekwetezi (The handshake) this Saturday and Sunday at 6pm at Bat Valley Theatre. Entrance is 20k.
Enggwalanggwawa @ Theatre Labonita
The Ebonies are back with their latest production Enggwalanggwawa (Flight 36) this Saturday and Sunday at 7pm at Theatre Labonita. Entry fee is 25k First class, 30k VIP and 15k as a special offer for children. Do not miss Dr Bbosa, Sharon, Sarah and Barnabas in action.

Fontes Cultural Troupe @ The Youth Centre
This Sunday, Fontes Cultural Troupe will be performing traditional dances, music and a fire show starting at 4pm at The Youth Centre, located directly behind the Bunga SDA Central Church. There will be a variety of food and drinks throughout the performance. Entry fee is only 5k.

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