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Dizzy Nutts dies in hit and run accident

Dizzy Nutts

Musician Dizzy Nutts passed on last night after he was involved in an accident.

According to Coolerman, also a musician who was at the scene said Dizzy Nutts died on spot after a Toyota Harrier rammed into him at Victoria pub in Kireka.
“Dizzy Nutts was hit by a speeding Harrier and he died on spot. It looked intentional because the driver immediately sped off after causing the accident and was no where to be seen afterwards,” he said.

He further said that the impact was so much because Dizzy Nutts was leaning on Bebe Cool’s hummer when he was rammed into.

Bebe Cool was not hurt physically according to the source because he was inside the car when the terrible accident occurred but he might be suffering emotionally by the sight.

Dizzy Nutts Galiwango has been a musician whose career started in firebase before he switched to Gagamel. He’s mostly remembered for his deep voice and featuring on Bebe Cool’s ‘Fire burn dem’ song.

His body was taken to Mulago for postmortem as investigations and hunt for the killer continues.

Details to follow…

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