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Desire finally reveals her ‘real’ age

Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda

Age and women can never be used in the same sentence and it’s on rare occasions that a woman will say her true age. They will either refuse to say it or just reduce on the number by at least five years, a case that Desire Luzinda has been using whenever her birthdate arrives.

In her case, she has been reducing her true age by not five but eight years, celebrating 25 years for the past five years.

But today, something unusual happened as she unveiled her true age on Instagram.

33 looks good on me

A post shared by desire (@desireluzinda) on

The musician posted her picture with a caption “33 looks good on me.’’

This puts the debate regarding her true age at rest and it sure makes her one of the hottest musicians at that age.

Desire Luzinda has a teenage daughter from her previous and perhaps first relationship with a gentleman known as Ken Ntaro.

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