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The Alibhais take honeymoon to the Maldives

Aly Alibhai

Aly Alibhai

Step aside haters, Sylvia is finally having her honeymoon. And guess where they are? The Maldives! Yes, While the rest of you are here excited about the nsenene season, Syliva Namutebi and her boo, Aly Alibhai are on their way to live it up in the Maldives.

alytalentafrica: After getting married 3 months ago and a crazy work schedule right after the wedding, my wife and I are finally taking our dream honeymoon! Maldives here we come! Looking forward to some rest & relaxation in paradise… #AandSHoneymoon #Maldives #OverWaterSuite #Newlyweds
From the hashtags and the pictures of their suites, we are totally right to envy these two, and now we understand why Sylvia has been badly counting down to their honeymoon.

The couple had a lavish ceremony at the Victoria Serena Hotel three months ago and although the honeymoon was saved up for laters, Sylvia shared some pictures of her taking some restful time off at the Murchison Falls’, Chobe Safari Lodge.

For now we are not sure if baby Aariz tagged along or he let mummy and daddy get some alone time. But we care about most is stalking the couple’s IG pages for photos from this vacay…. oops sorry, honeymoon! ENJOY your #AandSHoneymoon.

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