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Brenda Nambi to open online fashion store

After the music duo of HB Toxic fell out, they both rushed to do fashion but their callings were different as they were all doing fashion under different brands ,House of Lukoma and B’ambi Fashions for Hellen Lukoma and Brenda Nambi respectively.

One of them was meant to be better than the other Lukoma was not sure of what she wanted and she continued doing fashion and music as Brenda Nambi focused fully on fashion.

As Lukoma is still struggling with recording hits in this industry where new artistes are coming up almost every day, Nambi’s Fashion store is resurrecting.

The latest we have gathered is that Nambi is set to open an online Fashion store. According to our source Nambi will be selling clothes and all fashion needs online and apparently the shop will be called Nambi Clothing and Textile Company.

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