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Roger Mugisha sleeps on job because of Ellah

At this rate, we can say Ellah and Roger Mugisha are no longer just partners on set. We reported how they always attend events hand in hand and get cuddly, but this time round, it was a little too much to bear as the former radio presenter forgot what he was paid for to be with his Second Chance co-star Ellah.
Roger Mugisha, who was hired to co-host the Black Creations Fashion show with Malaika Nnyanzi kept disappearing midway during the show, leaving poor Malaika returning alone on stage. It would take her several seconds to realise that her co-host was not beside, behind or anywhere around her. It must have gotten to an irritating point for Malaika because the next thing we knew she was calling him out on the microphone. “Now where is my co-host Roger Mugisha? He’s just been here with me,” she asked. It is then that we saw some dude emerge from a seat next to Ellah, and Lord, it was Roger! SMH. Malaika asked him what he was doing with Ms Stella Nantumbwe but it all seemed like a walk of shame. Guys, take it slow!

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