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Kenzo and Rema not talking

Eddy Kenzo, Rema and children. Courtesy photo

Word doing rounds is that Rema and Eddy Kenzo are no longer on talking terms for over a month now. Word also is that they two could be headed for a bitter split.
According to the information we came across, the lovebirds found themselves in this situation after Rema found disturbing messages in her fiancé’s phone a few months ago.

It is said Rema out of suspicion, accessed Kenzo’s phone and found texts from secret admirers. This would be understandable as Kenzo is a popular musician. It is his replies that sparkled off the argument.

we have since been told that the two haven’t said a word to each other despite the fact that they have two children together,and the silence is not about to end.
Furthermore, Rema is believed to be hitting back at Kenzo through songs like ‘Tikula,’ which are believed to have indirect messages.

The two had plans of making their relationship official at the beginning of next year but all of that seems to be put on hold.

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