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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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Ugandan Kungfu movie ‘Bruce U’ premiered

The ministry of Information Communications Technology has given hope to the young local movie industry with promise of offering as much help as possible to see them thrive, by providing incentives and creating the enabling environment for the Industry to succeed. 

Speaking at the premiere of the Chinese Kungfu movie `Bruce U’ held in Wakaliga, a suburb in Kampala, Kyetume Kasanga, a representative from the ministry called upon stakeholders in the local movie industry not to shy away if they needed any help.

“Don’t hesitate to approach us in case you need, we are here for you,” he said, drawing applauds from the crowd consisting of movie enthusiasts.

(L-R) Kyetume Kasanga from Ministry of ICT, Chu Maoming, acting Chinese ambassador to Uganda, Former Police Fred Enanga,Star Times Uganda CEO Andy Wang and Wakaliwood Director Isaac Nabwana at the official launch of the movie. Photo by DEUS BUGEMBE

Kasanga also cited the benefits of having an established industry in Uganda with plenty of opportunities to surface if all goes well in the future.

“An advanced movie industry can create employment for actors, directors, producers and prop creators, making it a source of income. It can also promote cultural growth as the world will know more about us and that we are more than Idi Amin and Joseph Kony,” he observed.

Isaac Nabwana of the `Wakaliwood’ fame, a pioneer of the movie industry in Uganda, well known for directing the 2010 movie ` Who killed captain Alex’ that reached 1million views on YouTube, was at it again with a new release `Bruce U’ that had scenes acted in both Uganda and China.

“This movie is a dream come true for me and the entire crew but we are capable of better if more support comes through,” said the 44 year old who has directed over 40 movies since Wakaliwood`s inception in 2010.

The movie tells a story of a Uganda boy and Chinese Kung Fu fan Kiwa, who accidentally gets a chance to learn Kung Fu at China’s Shaolin Temple.

On an occasion graced by Chu Maoming, acting Chinese ambassador to Uganda, Star Times Uganda CEO Andy Wang  and a Chinese delegation, Maoming promised the local industry support in a bid for the two nations to keep working together for advanced productions.

“China and Uganda have worked together in different sectors before and this is no different, we want the cooperation to do well too when it comes to the movie industry and we shall offer a hand to keep the industry going forward,” he said.

“Smile Africa”, a project aimed at helping spread Chinese culture in Africa played a major role in the production of the movie by inviting Nabwana and his cast to the South Shaolin Temple to shoot some scenes.

About Isaac Nabwana

The 44 year old is a script writer, director, editor and producer who started his studio called `Wakaliwood’ in the slums of Wakaliga with his wife and cousin. With little resources, Nabwana who is in bed with making Kung Fu movies has produced more than 40 movies and turned into a minor celebrity on You Tube

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