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I am the most talented Mayanja – Pallaso

Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso

MAN ON THE KEYS: Pallaso, formerly known as Lizard is a local musician and brother to Jose Chameleone, Weasel and the late AK47. He talks to his fans Karin and Jessei about his musical journey among other things.

How did you get the name Pallaso?
‘Pallaso’ means ‘Joker’ in Spanish. My Spanish friends used to say I was a joker when I told them I was going to be a superstar. That’s where the name came from but my birth name is Pius Mayanja.

What had actually taken you to the US?
Travelling the world and seeing new things took me to America.

Pius Mayanja a.k.a Pallaso told his fans Karin and Jessei that he started Team No Sleep. PHOTOS BY ABUBAKER LUBOOWA/ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

Most people who go to America do not like coming back. Why did you come back?
I came back because I wanted to follow my passion which is Music. Africa is the future when it comes to the music industry and I wanted to be part of that history.

You had a decent comeback with ‘Amasso’ alongside Goodlyf. Why didn’t you just join them?
I wanted to show how hardworking I am. I wanted to sell Pallaso to the world.

And why then did you decide to join Team No Sleep?
I did not join Team No Sleep. I started Team No Sleep then hired the manager with dreams of changing the music industry, building an empire and bringing new talent.

Why did you break up with them?
Their vision and focus changed from mine and I decided to start my own label and hired Manager Geezy to keep my vision moving forward.

Is Pallaso married or dating?
I respect my family’s privacy. But I am in a very happy relationship and that is all I choose to share.

Who do you think is the most talented in the Mayanja family?
I really don’t know but I would say me because other’s success has so far spoken louder than mine and this is because I spent a lot of time doing other business. Besides, we all have different abilities.

How best would you describe Chameleone and Weasel?
Chameleone and Weasel are the greatest big brothers and friends God can ever bless anybody with. I love them with a passion.

Would you do another song with Sheeba if an opportunity arises?
I can’t predict the future.

What do you think of Uganda’s music industry lately?
The industry is growing so fast. And with key players like me, it is going to leave a footprint on the moon.

Which is your best among those you have done?
‘Mama’ is my best. Reason being it’s a song about my mother.

How did you team up with Davido on Twatoba?
When he arrived in Uganda, Pallaso was the name he was hearing everywhere and he was so surprised about the loud buzz. So he asked his promoter Cene from London if he could link us up and we do something together.

You have been having concerts for the last two years. Are we expecting another this year?
This being my best year so far, I’m taking on one of the biggest concert venues in Uganda. With Hits like ‘Mama’, ‘Sumulula’, ‘Wololo’, ‘Sawa Ya Kuzina’ and every body’s favourite ‘Soma’. I have scheduled my concert for December 8, this year at Kyadondo Rugby grounds. It will be titled Pallaso Soma Concert, The Kings Concert and I will be waiting for you all.

What events have you performed at recently?
I was in Kenya at the B Club anniversary alongside Iyanya from Nigeria. I performed in Mbarara Kakyeeka Stadium with Tooto Events and so many more.

What inspires your songs?
My life experiences and passion inspires my songs. Most of my songs are sound tracks to my life.

What has been the most embarrassing moment in your career?
The most embarrassing moment was when I was singing the Mama song, got my mother on stage and suddenly, the jealous Dj cut it out. I have never felt so angry like that moment.

And the happiest?
The happiest was when ‘Amaaso’ finally blew up. I knew I was about to start the serious journey to every dream I had in my head.

You have done songs with quite a number of people like Goodlife, Spice Diana and Davido. Which is your best collabo and why?
My favorite is Amaaso because it brought me to the lights.

Why are you doing music for a career?
Because music is my talent and passion I cannot think of anything I can do any better.

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