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Pallaso furious after being compared to B2C

No ‘big’ artiste would like to be compared to an upcoming artiste. In fact that would be pure blasphemy. That was what happened a few days ago when Pallaso was compared to an upcoming group known as B2C.
Being the one with the biggest temper in the Mayanja family, after Chameleon his big brother, Pallaso, who was announced as one of the main acts of an upcoming concert learnt that the Goodlyf duo of Radio and Weasel were to be paid Shs8M for their performance.
Thinking he was on the same level as them, Pallaso pictured himself bagging the same amount of money but was surprised by Ballam who is the coordinator of the event that he was getting Shs2M. The same amount that is going to be paid to B2C who will also perform at the event.
A furious Pallaso passed around the room cursing and abusing everyone he could set his eyes on and telling those who cared to listen why he would be degraded to the extent of being compared to upcoming artists.
“I have given a lot to this career. Why would someone treat me like I’m an upcoming artiste. I have hits, I’ve sold out concerts, I’ve sung with international artistes. Isn’t that enough to prove how big I am,” an angry Pallaso was heard saying.
He promised not to perform unless his fares are rectified to that of Goodlyf or even more.

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