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Never apologise when you know you are right – A Pass


A Pass has over time proved to be one musician who cares less about what the public says about him. A few hours ago, he was at it again.

This time round, the “Marianna” artiste came out to defend himself on his decision to wear sandals during an interview on Citizen TV in Kenya a few days back.

The artiste was criticised by bloggers and generally the public for appearing live on set wearing sandals, but today he has come out and gave the public his opinion.

He assured everyone that he’s at liberty to do whatever he feels like and has no obligation to justify his actions.

“I choose not to do what many think I should do, I choose to be the boy who does things his way. Some people out there will buy a watch, a nice shoe, nice clothes, etc and go out hoping and praying that other people can look at them. I put on sandals because I love them with a passion, I will always be me at all times, I am Bagonza Alexander Aka A Pass,” he posted.

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