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Mc Kats paid only 50k to host an event

In today’s business, you either make a profit or incur losses. What matters is that you ‘pick the paper’. Just ask celebrated event host MC Kats.
Last Sunday, the only place to be was at the Global Cultural Event, a tourism and cultural meet that took place at the Uganda Museum. However, the turn up was really low which explains the low gate collection which was used to pay the few service providers.
One of the people who were booked for the event was Edwin Katamba known to many as MC Kats. Hired as the ‘official host of the event’, Kats did not ask for deposit when his services were sought like most entertainers do. He did his job diligently like he always does.
After the event, service providers, including MC Kats started looking for Mary Ingabire, the event organiser until they left with a fraction of what they had injected.
Our source says after she had run out of excuses, Ingabire decided to tell Kats the ‘truth’, even telling Kats ‘to kindly accept Shs50,000’ because things were bad.
She promised to send him his balance of Shs250,000 mid-week. We are yet to ascertain whether he has received the cash.

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