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Judith Heard conducts interview in washrooms

If there is anyone who never runs out of ideas to stay relevant then that is none other than socialite Judith Heard. While at events, she is always making herself visible. If she is not dancing the night away, she is moving up and down, sometimes aimlessly.
Last weekend during The Uganda Music Awards (TUMA), the slim-bodied socialite decided to do what she does best; jumping in front of each and every cameraman – local and international.
Somehow Ms Heard got wind of the fact that some two young women were international journalists. And thus the chance to, well, take her ‘fame’ beyond Serena Kampala Hotel.
So as the event was ongoing, the socialite followed the two journalists to the ladies’ in the basement of the hotel.
According to our female source, Heard ‘forced’ the journalists to interview her.
“It was clear the young girls had never heard of Judith Heard and she was forcing herself on them,” the source said adding that she overheard Heard claiming she was the Ug Mix Maestro brand ambassador and that The Mith was the brains behind the idea.
The journalists then asked Heard who The Mith was. Her answer? “He is a Ugandan rapper who is huge in size.”
Yes, you got our attention Heard.

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