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I am joining politics in 2021 – T-Bro

T-Bro with his fan Immaculate. The rapper says DJs tend to shun playing Kiga Flow music. ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE

KIGA FLOW: T-Bro is the king of Kiga Flow, a brand of music that he has been able to solely popularise. The rapper’s journey, however, started in 1998 in the Bataka Underground group. He met his fan Immaculate Nabuule.

What does T-Bro stand for?
It simply means “That Brother”. But I am also known as Mr Kiga Flow, although my real name is Joram Mujungu Tabaro.

What kind of music do you do?
I do Kiga flow music, which is a representation of hip hop from south western Uganda or rapping in Rukiga on urban beats.

Why did you decide to do hip hop in Rukiga?
Well, I can say hip hop chose me. We have our ebyevugo, which are related to rap and when I came to the city, I decided to do them on urban beats and then decided to brand my style as ‘Kiga flow’.

Besides music, what else do you do?
I brand t-shirts, caps, hoodies and Kigaland boots, related to timberland. All made in Kigezi.

For how long have you been doing music?
I cannot give a time frame but I started in 1998 but I have been active for 18 years. I was only waiting to make 20 years in the game to celebrate.

What do you do different from other rappers.
Since I am a lion from Kigezi, I roar a lot. What I am basically saying is that my vocal cords are more pronounced and I always sing about my heritage, cultural totems and other things from western Uganda.

Where are you based?
Because Kampala is the place for business, I am based in Kasubi.

Are you married?
Yes, I am married to a Muganda woman, which makes me a Buganda muko.

What challenges have you faced in the industry?
In Kampala which is the heart of music, we do not have DJs who play Kiga flow music so we are not represented well.

Having been in the game for more than 15 years, what have you achieved in music?
I have made it possible for Kiga flow to be embraced in the city and western Uganda.

What do you think of the Ugandan music industry?
It is really growing, I can say. New talent is doing well. They are giving us a run for their money. I have been doing Kiga flow for a while without competition but now we have so many guys doing the same style. Fine, they are not at my peak but they are doing great.

We have not seen you perform at other concerts or hangouts. Why?
People mistake me to be a musician with a high price tag. However, I am always at my farm in Kigezi and we have a saying: ‘When you have food, you are the strongest man’. So as long as my farm can give me food, I am okay.

What is your price tag?
Initially I had a fixed price. Upcountry I would travel for Shs1m and in the city I charge Shs500,000 but I ask for more these days.

Why are you doing music then?
Music is my passion and I have to represent my region because it was not well represented.

Have you ever considered crossing over to another music genre?
My fans upcountry want me to represent them and I can only do that in Rukiga. But I think I am going to jump on to that and prove to them.

What is your take on musicians going for politics?
I am not a politician but I feel I am not represented well. Where I come from in Kanungu, there is no electricity; the roads are still poor so if it is up to musicians to represent the people, I have no problem with it.

Would you ever consider joining politics?
Of course and come 2021, I am going to represent my Kanungu people.

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