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Ghetto Kids to perform at Grammy awards

It takes only one opportunity for someone’s life to change; the Triplets Ghetto Kids can certainly attest to that.

Barely a week since they returned home from the US where they had a series of performances alongside French Montana and Swae Lee during their ‘Unforgettable’ tour in several American states, the Ugandan dancers are due to get back to the US for a performance which could be even bigger than the BET.

They are booked to perform at the Grammy Awards slated for January next year and they will again perform alongside French Montana who at this rate you could say has transformed their lives.

According to their manager Dauda Kavuma, they had to come back and rest before readying themselves for this big platform.

“We are back to rest and sort out a few issues before we head back to America to perform at the Grammys,” he said, before adding that they wouldn’t have achieved this without French Montana.

“It’s rare to meet people like French Montana. He has a good heart which is so uncommon with people. Working with him has opened so many doors for us,” Kavuma said.

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