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Mary Luswata resurfaces

Former Scoop on Scoop gossip queen Mary Luswata has returned. This week, she has been part of the Evening Rush on Galaxy FM Ziina. She posted the above photo of herself, urging fans to tune in.

I have always told you that ‘you know she’s broke when she starts saying ‘I love my natural hair…’ Hitts Jessy

What happened to this girl? She just looks like a bush cat. Kenedy Councilor

But Ugandans. Some of you girls abusing her are soaked in makeup 24/7. How are you affected by her looks in your daily life? Namutebi Shanice

Girls let boys say it be because we are also not sure how all of you look off social media and without makeup. Most of you look like rotten grapes and boys before you start on Luswata’s car wash, make yours first because you are fading away. Darna Ferrari

You are a class apart Luswata. You were my girl, and I know even those criticising you were your fans and could leave work early just to watch you air out your programme. And these guys think whoever acts a witch in a movie is a real witch in real life. Go on Luswata, I love you and they will like your programme by force because you were their favorite. Nicholas Babyesiza

I don’t know this chic or know her history. All I see here is a beautiful black woman comfortable in her hair and skin. Confident working woman. All the people bashing her natural black beauty are actually not cool. Weave and a ton of make is not always the way. It’s worse that’s it’s coming from fellow black people who should be promoting natural black beauty and fashions. Rather than shaming her looks in order for her to conform. Anerow Reklaw

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