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Don Moen is not dead as rumoured

A few hours ago, it was rumoured that American singer, songwriter and Evangelist Don Moen had died after a short stomach illness but according to more researched information; the legendary gospel musician is alive and kicking.

According to Frank Edward, a gospel singer and a close friend to Don, he confirmed that he had a chart with the musician’s son who confirmed that his dad is pretty much alive. It’s after this conversation that he took to his twitter handle and advised people to disregard the fake news.

Shortly after, Don Moen released a message on Twitter celebrating his four generations in Minnesota.

Don Moen was rumoured dead by several websites that said the musician had died early this morning from a General Acute Care (GAC) Hospital in California just hours after he was taken there.

Aged 66, Don Moen is a multiple award-winning star who popularized gospel music to all generations through his unique style of delivering the message.

He was famed for songs such as ‘Our Father’,   ‘God will make a way’, ‘Thank you Lord’, ‘I will sing’ and ‘sing for joy’ among others.

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