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Zari runs broke

At this moment, everything seem to be heading in the wrong direction for Zari Hassan. First, she lost Ivan Semwanga, the father of her three children then followed her mother who passed on recently. Now news reaching us indicates that the city socialite is broke.

Zari is broke to the extent that she can no longer finance her website which was closed because of debts.

Zari’s website was one of the most viewed and visited among Ugandan socialites and for it to be closed over debts is really alarming because running a website doesnotbreally require a lot of money.

Zari who’s currently dating Tanzanian Bongo Flava recording artist and dancer Naseeb Abdul Juma, popularly known by his stage name Diamond Platnumz really needs it up to keep her fans and followers up to speed with what’s going on with her life.

This development  comes a few days after it was reported that Ivan’s family was fighting for his property down in South Africa and that Zari was not one of the heir to his property.

Zari has not come out to comment about her website being suspended but by the look of things, this has hit her hard.


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