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Serena Williams’ fans react to her pregnancy nudes

On Tuesday evening, Serena Williams took to her face book page with pregnancy nudes taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair magazine cover, a Hollywood entertainment, news and politics magazine, with a post which read, “So what do you all think boy or girl?” Serena posed topless wearing chocolate panties that complimented her skin complexion and a little silver chain detail that lay below her 6-month growing baby bump. Unfortunately some of her fan base was disgusted with her pregnancy nude.

“So you get pregnant and you are unmarried but pose nude on a cover magazine. NO! You get married first then you have a baby and you do not post nude. Have a little respect,” a one Debbie Davis Turnage raged in a comment. Another comment coming from Ebriama Bojang read, “This is disgusting….”  However, there are always those persons who will have a different opinion. Aesha Mahdi commented saying, “Serena is embracing the beauty of the changing female body and we love every bit of it. Stop policing women’s bodies.” In another comment Mark Rodriguez said, “She looks great. If someone doesn’t like the photo, do not buy the magazine.”

Disgusting or impressive, Serena has kept the pictures up. However, her other pregnancy photo in a chocolate transparent voluminous dress cannot go unnoticed. Quite the kind that leaves onlookers drawing mental images on what may lie beneath! And please note, WE ARE DEFINITELY STRAIGHT!

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