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The video: Esaala – Levixone

How powerful is a prayer? Of what use is prayer? In this video, Levixone takes us on a journey to document the wonders of prayer and the results that accrue from prayer. He shows us a one childless Sarah who receives a child as testimony to making a prayer. From person to person, Levixone who dons a spotless white suit (symbolic of holiness), shares all these different accounts of prayer results.

Certainly there is a storyline, but do not to expect too much from it, to close an eye to all its flaws and appreciate it for its tiny scores. If I am to judge this video by one item, I must say, the guy who played the saxophone took the day; he brought in the dances, lived up to the billing and made a sombre video lively and enchanting. In case you expect more from this video, then you definitely need prayers because there is none. — Isaac Ssejjombwe

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