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Tembeya Njiri – Wilson Bugembe

Wilson Bugembe

Wilson Bugembe returns with another of his visual dilemmas that will hit the human beings when Jesus finally appears. He introduces us to scenes of men in lodges, ladies dancing dirty in night clubs and then challenges the viewer to think hard on the second coming of Jesus Christ. As is his usual routine, he goes for the traditional dancers, but this time round, the dances though still traditional, are given a modern improvement. As such, Bugembe positions himself as the man on the wall, between the liberal and conservative gospel singers. This is augmented by the choice of his costume – a Northern Indian scarf, some retro-urban shades and a youthful look to complete all this. The storyline is all about the shock that is about to hit us on that day, how the long kept secrets will finally become public. The lies, the deception, our sinful lives all exposed to the full glare. Bugembe plays the part of the gospel vendor, moving from one location to another sounding his warning to all those involved in these acts that he calls; “sinful”. The video has your average day storyline, with average lighting.

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