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Zari doesn’t have any shares on Ivan’s property- Ivan’s family

Zari and her son during Ivan’s vigil in Muyenga. Photo by Alex Esagala


The death of Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga got many surprised and anticipating at the same time. The anticipation comes from his family members who are said to be fighting for his property.

Well, that is not the case according to his uncle who says they haven’t and can never fight for the deceased’s property.

The uncle known as Herbert Luyinda said wealthy flows in their blood so fighting for Ivan’s property is out of option.

“We have money flowing in our blood, sons and grandsons will never be broke. Richness comes from our grandfathers,” he said.

Mr Luyinda also didn’t hesitate to explain matters to do with Zari saying that she doesn’t have any shares on Ivan’s property and that she lost her say the moment she decided to start a relationship with another man.

“Zari doesn’t have any shares on Ivan’s property after she left her marital home. I don’t count her as our widow,” he added.

Zari traditionally got married to Ivan in 2011 but their marriage didn’t last that long as she left and got engaged to Diamond Platinumz with who they have two children. With the late, they have three sons.

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