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Miss Leah Kagasa The Face Of UNAA Causes Clean Water Awareness


She might have not performed well at the Miss World beauty pageant as she expected but Leah Kagasa is still making news.

The outgoing Miss Uganda has officially been chosen as the face of the UNAA Causes, responsible for water awareness focusing on education and other activities.

The Clean Water Fund is a project by Ugandans in North America under their umbrella UNAA Causes aimed at pooling resources to provide clean and accessible water to fellow Ugandans back home.

“Approximately 23,000 Ugandans die each year due to diarrhea including 19,700 children under the age of 5, who die each year due to the disease. Reports show that around 45% ? 50% of the people within the city centers lack access to clean water. Some estimate that 1 in 5 people in Uganda do not have access to water at all. Even those who have access to clean water, face a high risk or use contaminated water,” said UNAA Causes publicist Bridget Namitaala.

This year’s UNAA Causes is happening in Las Vegas with a list of Uganda entertainers including Juliana Kanyomozi, David Lutalo, Sheeba, King Saha, Naava Grey, Geosteady, Mina Izah and Ange3lina while others like Malaika Nnyanzi, Sophie Tattu, Sheilla Gashumba, Brenda Nanyonjo, Adam Mukasa and Nancy Mugga will be hosts, emcees and participants.

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