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Ganda Boys donate filming equipment to dance academy

The Ganda boys Danny and Dennis are not usually in the country so when they fly in they are on a pay back mission like most “summers”. They have been in country for a week now and over the weekend they visited Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy a place comprising of children and youth aged 4-25 from various backgrounds
Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy is a community based organization founded by Lezon Mark Mugwanya in 1993. Artistically talented but socially disadvantaged children and youth are trained in the traditional arts of Uganda by former beneficiaries.
The Ganda brothers were left amazed by the art and desire at the organization and donated Filming equipment which involves 3 camera rigs, 3 Camera’s, reflectors, a sound kit, camera stands, clip on microphones totaling up to just under $35,000 to the CEO of Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy
Asked why they decided to donate film equipment, Danny explained “this community unlike others is very passionate about film as part of their programs at the art center. There’s a lot of desire from the children so we felt the donation would be of some great addition. We intend to build a state of the art training film studio in partnership with middle sex University here so this is a good start”
Summers, Over to you! Thank you Ganda Boys for the Good Heart.

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