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We need more creativity and originality in Ugandan music- the Ganda Boys

Danny Sewagude and Dennis Mugaga members of the Ganda Boys have been in the country for a few days now. Last Friday they were hosted by Freddie on KFM’s #SuperstarFriday edition and as usual, we got something interesting from their interview.

Mugaga who says the group’s spokesman was asked by Freddie the Host of D’Hook what he thought of the Uganda’s new Sound Baxx Ragga.

Freddie first asked the guys what they are up to.

In his reponse, Danny said: “We are working on a project in England. In the new album we are only using the cultural instruments Adungu, Ngalabi, Madinda. It’s a RAW project of cultural instruments with different languages. We have Lugisu, Luganda Lunyakole, No Guitars, or keyboards nothing like that.


Freddie – So we heard you talk about the Grammy’s. Are you guys nominated? What’s the Grammy story?

In 2016/17 we were selected for a Grammy nomination for our ‘forgotten people project’ and that’s the beginning of it all. That selection means that now we are part of the Grammy community. It’s a dream to win a Grammy and we are working hard for it but we might not be the ones to bring the Grammy award home. However, we are paving the way. Ugandan music is being looked at by the Grammy community now and if the artists here pick up on it, maybe we will win one (an award) soon.

Then Freddie played three songs, Bebe Cool – Kabulangane, Winnie Nwagi – Kano Koze and Azziz Azion ft Sheebah – Omulembe…..Guys that’s our new Ugandan Sound…..What do you think?

Dennis: “I have heard the sound, Interesting sound I should say and the people taking on it are big artists in the music industry and have a big following but I feel it needs to be refined a little more, sharing what we have learnt from the other market. The only way we are going to beat the sound out there is by creating something they can’t say is theirs.


Let’s not call it baxx raga. Let’s brand it as baxx ganda or baxx Ankole. Let’s not tag Ragga or Reggae that is not ours. Let’s create and sell something entirely ours; yes we can borrow a leaf from the other markets but still own and sell our thing.

Let’s go raw; use more of the actual local instruments. Let the Adungu be the base instead of the guitar but I understand they are trying to attract a wider audience so we are all kinda taking the same route with the sound and that way we are fighting for the same audience and that means the Nigerians who have refined it better are beating us to the game.

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