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Joel Nature: Kabale’s top hit maker

Producer Joel Nature, real name Joel Tugeine

ALL ABOUT MAKING HITS: Producer Joel Nature, real name Joel Tugeine is Kabale’s number one hit maker. The 27-year-old, who also works as a music production
manager at 100.4 Hills FM Kabale, shares his story
with Chrisogon Atukwasize.
When did you start producing?
I started producing in 2006 while still at Kigezi High School.

How did you join this business?
I am a self-taught producer, who joined the business when I got a computer at home and was looking for software to install. I remember a friend gave me a CD with software and I landed on software for music production and I installed it.

Did you later go to school for more production skills?
I mostly went for training workshops, especially at International College of Music, Kampala while at campus at UCU Mukono.

Which artistes have you worked with?
T Bro, L.Proof, Amani Amanigger, Fact Zamani,Snazz ,G boy Revin, RJB, Shine Omukiga.

What is it like being an upcountry producer?
Being an upcountry producer means humbling yourself and getting ready to deal with the public. Just because 70 per cent of artistes I work with are upcoming, it becomes quite challenging shaping and mentoring them.

Do you see yourself moving to the city someday?
I would be in the city even right now but I want to first develop music production in my local area that raised me then I can think of moving to the city. It is not a big deal for me really – I love my hood.

What is the biggest song you have produced so far?
It has to be Flora by Fact Zamani & Snazz. It was a big hit in western Uganda.

What inspires you?
Other producers, both local and international.

Which producer do you look up to?
None other than Paddy Man.

Have you mentored any other producer?
Three; Young Wallock, Nero and Baru Beatz of Dustille Rcords.

You have a radio job. How do you juggle that with the studio?
Between radio and business, I juggle it in a more professional way. I am on radio from 7-8pm, so it creates a favourable studio schedule for me, most of my clients communicate to me before coming thru, so , I give an artiste time which I think I can be available and i find it easy because they are reliable.

Being a celeb, you must attract the ladies. How do you handle that?
A celeb? LOL! I am not a celeb. Most people know my name but can’t recognise me by face, so that helps matters. And the fact that I am in a relationship, I keep a distance from snatchers.

Quick facts

Schools attended
I went to Kigezi High School for O-Level, Kigezi College Butobere for A-Level and later joined Uganda Christian University Mukono for my university education.
About family.
I do not have my own family yet. I still live with my parents, nieces and a few relatives.
Studio charges
Right now, I think I am the cheapest record producer in Uganda, charging only 100k per song.

Tit Bits…

Low income, lack of trust worthy promoters, lack of exposure because I never meet those big producers, high cost of machines to meet the standards and also artistes failing to show up on a scheduled day for studio time.

I have been able to build my own fully-equipped music recording studio, Spring Studios in Kabale Town. I have sponsored people to go to school and I am soon investing in other businesses.

I see myself as an established music mogul. I want to own the biggest record label in western Uganda.

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