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Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda

Ykee Benda, real names Wycliffe Tugume has left Badi Music and formed his own record label.
The singer who recently proposed to his longtime girlfriend made another major decision early this week when he started his own music label dubbed Mpaka Productions.
Ykee clarified that his move from Badi Music, a label that got him to where he is now has got nothing to do with management.
Responding to people’s questions as to why he had all of a sudden decided to quit Badi Music, he said he had no bad blood with his former managers.
“I still owe much respect to badi music especially the music directors like Bashir Lukyamuzi, I will forever respect him because he has taught me a lot,” he revealed while appearing on NTV’s “Da’Beat” with Douglas Lwanga yesterday.
He added that he formed his own label as a way of showing his music growth.
The singer also revealed that the reason why he had named his music label Mpaka was in honour of his dad stating that Mpaka is a short form of his dad’s name.
“My father has been there for me in a number of things, my record label is in honour of him,” he said.
Ykee also premiered his new video titled “Malaika” which he said was dedicated to his newly engaged girlfriend Julie Batenga.

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