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The video: Nsikatila -Undercover Brothers

Sometimes, nature plays you a good hand with a video such as Nsikatila. One of those videos you are bound to chance upon, and it gets you hooked with its romantic groove. Have you thought about the moods of the afternoon shine, as the day sun begins on its journey towards the set? This video finds a simple way to play into the mind of its viewer. This brother rides his bike just in time as the sweet lady gets out of her gated house. “Being oneself” is a rarity in music videos. However, this personal naturalness is written allover the actions of these two. And that is what the song called for in the visuals. As their name suggests, the Undercover Brothers can mean to be undercover with their gems. Indeed, good wine needs no bush. The Nsikatila video is that good wine, getting better with age, nutritious for the soulful eyes.

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