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The track: Leesu – Mozey Radio


Many refer to Leesu as a song done by Radio and Weasel, even the artwork to promote the song has Leesu by Radio and Weasel. For those who have never heard the song that was released about three months ago, it is another single that Radio did without Weasel. The first single was Neera. Leesu loosely translated as a shawl or a wrapper, is a love song that continues to prove Mozey Radio’s rich lyrical ability and maturity. In the song, Radio is begging the one that he loves to wrap him together with her in one shawl. The line: “Sweetheart, I was planning on seeing you in the morning but you never go to sleep” means Radio will never see this girl unless she sleeps and wakes up because if she doesn’t sleep then she won’t wake up, meaning they won’t meet (a little confusing, yes!). This is the review of the audio, but to break the rules a bit, Weasel features in the video not as a singer but as a vixen, just as he did in Neera.

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