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The dvd- Into The Storm

Pette (Matt Waish) specialises in chasing storms so much that he had a car custom made for driving through tornadoes. For a year now, he has been attempting to catch and film tornadoes in vain. Then he learns about a storm that is expected in a nearby town. The expectation is that the storm will turn sour and present an opportunity to capture tornadoes. The weather turns sour. Pette and his team are so excited, they film and keep driving to places where they can get the best clips. In a nearby school, graduation celebration was interrupted. Gary Fuller (Richard Armitage) manages to lead the students to safety but he cannot find one of his sons. So together with the youngest son, they go hunting for the older one, who after a phone call gave vague directions to where he is before being cut off. On their way, the father and son find Pette and his team, who offer to help them. Dark clouds, lightning, endless tornadoes, sirens from everywhere – it looks like a war zone in the sky. The weather is terrible, it is difficult to tell if anyone will survive. As people worry about the safety of their beloved ones, all Pete can think of is recording the storm. Even when one of his team members is killed while capturing something, he cannot stop himself from risking his life as well. The acting is pretty average but the plot makes for a captivating watch.

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