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The video: Eva- DJ Slick Stuart, DJ Roja & Ykee Benda

Good things come to those who wait. Since the year started, curious eyes have been waiting anxiously for a video that is cheap, simple, fun, and a plot that is irresistible. The eyes almost thought this was not about to happen. The eyes finally got all they wished for, in the Eva music video. It could be that Hellen Lukoma brought her acting skills to character. Some people really embody their roles, they get in there and match that personality right from the body language to all else. Then comes the back to school affair. You will crack, you will teeth and you will just wish that it never ends. The playfulness between Lukoma and Ykee Benda is one that is characteristic of a couple madly in love, yet all teasing each other. And what about the boda boda bike strokes? This video gives you more than you pay off.

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