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The video: Akafananyi – Katera Afrika

Katera Afrika

Katera Afrika has this likeability aura that surrounds her. One could guess it is all about her individuality that she champions, the rare gem that defines a human being and makes one unique. If Frank Sinatra was to speak of Katera Afrika’s presence in this video, it could be one phrase; “she simply does it her way.” And that’s what makes this video enjoyable despite its many flaws such as a very predictable storyline and visual verbosity in showing us everything from the song lyrics. It interprets the song into visuals word per word. When you hear food, it shows food. Nonetheless, you will find more to celebrate about this video. Her sense of style, her calm yet seductive demeanour and the charm in the eyes. All that you have to do is embrace this video without much regret.

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