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I have no beef with Ceasorous – Bruno K

Bruno K

There has been a rumour that singers Bruno K and Ceasorous do not see eye to eye. The rumour, which started off as a joke, quickly spread. Word was that the Dangerous man, Ceasorous, was hitting on Bruno K’s woman. But for quite sometime, Bruno K, famous for the acoustic version of Radio and Weasle’s Juicy Juicy had been silent, until he appeared on Sanyu FM’s African Express last Saturday. When probed, he said he knew about the rumours: “My bae is just friends with Ceasorous” and that he does not care whether they are more than friends because “in the end bae comes back home to me”. According to the singer, the rumour and drama started out of the blue. “I don’t know if he hits on her. All I know is that bae comes home and she’s mine. I don’t know if they hit on each other but it is their problem. What I know is that they are friends, like how she is friends with most artistes,” Bruno K said. Wow!
Someone should remind Bruno K of the African proverb – Having a female as a best friend is like having chicken for a pet, You will eat it someday.

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