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Jackie Chandiru’s husband wants divorce

When Jackie Chandiru left rehab about six months ago, we thought her nightmare was over, but things just seem to get worse for the singer.
A few days ago, we confirmed that the Gold Digger singer was back in rehab. Her relapses stemmed from the fact that the people (Goodlyfe) whom she entrusted to revive her singing career were not paying her after different gigs. They also kicked her out of their shelter, which drove her into depression.
When this information leaked to Jackie’s husband Nol Van Vliet, he was so disappointed that the only thing he said was that he wanted a divorce. But prior to that, Vliet was also unpleased with his wife living with the Goodlyfe team.
“I have really had enough with Jackie. She’s spoiling my name. She has disrespected me to the extent that if you google my name, it is her dirt that comes up. She has been sleeping with junkies all the while and I can’t stand that,” someone close to the couple told us.
It is on this note that Vliet ordered his lawyers to be ready to serve the musician with divorce papers. Whether or not Jackie signs the papers, we will just sit back and watch.

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