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Florence Naluyimba takes her wedding video off social media



If you come across Florence Naluyimba, you will learn very fast that she speaks what is on her mind. She will say it as it is. That’s just who she is. So the latest crazy thing she did was last week when she tied the knot with Silvan Blonde in a civil marriage in London. The idea of going away to study and falling in love and getting married sounds romantic, but you will admit, crazy too.

This was a dream come true for the presenter and to show her fans and friends back home, she posted a video clip of the wedding on Friday, the day she got married. But, the video was up for perhaps less than 24 hours because the next crazy thing she did was pull the video down. In fact few people saw it and was hard to convince many that it had actually been posted earlier. We are not sure as to why it was pulled down since she looked happy and excited about her nuptials.

We also got to learn that none of her former workmates at NTV knew about the wedding. That, or they decided to remain tight-lipped. That’s because those we talked to either refused to give us details or simply didn’t know anything.

Before she left for the UK, Naluyimba was a health reporter at NTV. She travelled to London to pursue further studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science after which she graduated with a Master’s degree in population studies last month.


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