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D.J Karo is a gold digger – Alison Gallagher

Renowned Ugandan female disc spinner, DJ Karo has been accused of being a man-snatcher.
Social media was abuzz at the weekend when Alison Gallagher, the wife of Cedric Babu, took to her twitter handle @alisongn3 and accused Karo of meddling in her marriage and eventually breaking her family.
In a number of tweets, the mother of three accused the DJ of sleeping with married men to promote her career: “Women work hard to grow their careers on their own, others sleep with married men and use their contacts #djkaroisagolddigger,” read one of the tweets.
Gallagher also accused Karo of boasting about following Jesus Christ on her platform while her acts are contrary.
“It’s acceptable to tweet about being a follower of Jesus but you sleep with married men,” read the tweet.
However, Gallagher’s posts evoked mixed reactions from a majority of people because while some sympathised with her, the rest said not D.J Karo’s fault but rather her husband’s.

Harrison @Harrison kax re-tweeted: “How about taking a little blame to your husband too?”
J Tindimwebwa @Jethro 1 told Gallagher that in Africa polygamy is not a crime: “This is Africa, @karo-05 is not bound by the monogamy rules that define your moral standing right now.”
The section that sympathised with her advised her to let
God take control and keep the matter off social media.
Cane Cutter @charlesJb 1 wrote: “It hurts but if you let God deal with it, you will finally win the battle in the long run, keep praying.”
Bubbles @Frozenbubblez said people should leave the woman to express her pain because people hurt differently.
DJ Karo has not responded to any of the tweets. However word is that prior to the social media wrangle, DJ Karo was very close to Babu and was not shy about expressing the affection in public. The wife apparently knew about the closeness but did not pay much attention as she
thought that the two were normal business partners.

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