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The movie : Monster Trucks


Cast: Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Thomas Lennon, Barry Pepper, Rob Lowe, Danny Glover Director: Chris Wedge Genre: Action, adventure Running time: 122 minutes Showing: Century Cinemax Acacia Mall, Cinema Magic, Numax Cinema.
Monster truck engineered by creature takes them on a wacky trip

When you are a teenager, you have so many crazy ideas running through your mind. If it were up to adolescents to run the world, it would turn upside down. Same story in Monster Trucks. Lucas Till acts as Tripp, a high school senior who starts building a big truck that he will be driving around campus and his neighbourhood.
But word has been going around the township that there is a big creature that has been destroying people’s stuff, so police visits his garage to ask him if he has seen it. He says no, but minutes later, he sees a tail of something unfamiliar running behind a pile of drums. He displaces them and there it is; a huge, strange creature.
Unlike what your first reaction would be, Tripp is instead excited to see this monster and it is happy to see someone smile its way. It realises he is building a big truck and offers to become the engine to the truck. His girlfriend finds this rather peculiar but soon comes to terms with his boyfriend’s new friend cum engine.
Their journeys are wacky. The ‘engine’ can do so much more than your usual engine. It can use its hands to place back a tyre that has run off, jump over buildings and a lot. When they are out to race with others, it will take someone with an equally able monster to square it out with them.
“Objectively ridiculous but mostly fun, this is better than you could have predicted given the title but squarely aimed at a young and undiscerning audience,” writes movie reviewer, Helen O’Hara. Director Chris Wedge is not new to blockbuster animations. He was the mind behind Ice Age.

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