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The video: Onsanula – David Lutalo


Have you ever felt suspended in time? Like having that one artiste who consistently brings these visual effects right by your living room? David Lutalo has evolved into that artiste. He has carved out his niche, and has without doubt let his unique flair shine. It’s no different in the Onsanula music video. The video features a lady that’s melting Lutalo’s heart, she carefully lays a mat on which she mills sorghum. The fact that this video is able to insert modernism into the countryside is what makes it a must watch. The dances seal the video’s greatness. It was a neat choreography featuring men in checkered linens, spades in hand, jumping to rhythm. When Lutalo passes between with his lover, a visual Disney romance is brought to clarity. For one with dreams of being a writer, watching this video is all it takes to craft a best-selling novel.

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